Why Is My Baby Crying?

It’s never pleasant as a parent to hear your baby begin to wail again, in fact it’s often something you likely dread. What’s most important to keep in mind, and this is something you don’t hear enough, is that it is not a failure on your part. Babies cry for many reasons and it does not always mean that they are uncomfortable, irritated, or in pain. In their first few months of life, crying is the only means available to your baby to communicate with you. This is a good thing to keep in mind before you start to panic and doubt yourself. That said, there are several reasons why your little one may have begun crying and these are a few things to check for to calm them down:


This is the most common reason your newborn will be crying. Given that babies feed so frequently, missing some of their hunger cues can quickly lead to them starting to wail! Thankfully, this one is easy to cure. Once you’ve calmed your baby and yourself and gotten into a comfortable position, offering your baby a feed will rule out whether this is the cause of their crying!


If your baby begins to cry and you have ruled out hunger, start thinking about when the last time they slept was. Unlike us, babies don’t necessarily fall asleep when they’re tired. They need you to help put them to sleep so keep an eye out for early cues such as them rubbing their eyes, yawning, disengaging, or starting to fuss. Now that your baby is crying, it may take you longer to soothe them but after taking a few minutes to calm them,  put them to sleep in your usual manner.

Dirty Diaper

This is another reason that you can immediately, and easily, rule out as to why your little one may be crying. Understandably, the feeling of sitting in a dirty diaper can distress your baby. It’s no surprise that changing their diaper should solve the issue. However, if your baby continues to cry after removing the dirty diaper, this time while they’re naked would be ideal to soothe them with a baby massage.


Just like us, babies become distressed when they’re uncomfortable. Anything may be the source of this discomfort, from being swaddled too tightly to being dressed in restrictive clothing. A common source of discomfort is if they are too warm or too cold so check that they’re in the right clothing for the environment and check the temperature of the house.


Newborn babies like to be entertained, rocked, and played with! However, we also know that too much of this can upset them. Prolonged periods of activity and stimulation may be the cause of your baby’s upset so bringing them to a calm, quiet room with dimmed lights should soothe them.


A baby is deemed colicky if they are crying excessively despite otherwise being perfectly healthy. Your baby is considered colicky if he/she is crying for more than three hours a day, for at least three days a week, for at least three consecutive weeks. Colic tends to appear after two or three weeks however, by four months, colic disappears in 80-90% of babies. There are a number of things you can try that may help soothe your baby, such as rocking your baby, playing relaxing music, giving your baby a massage, burping your baby often to relieve gas, and swaddling your baby. Unfortunately, none of these are guaranteed to help but you may find one that works for you.