The Ultimate Online Antenatal Class

Here at The Baby Academy, we understand that there are few experiences as special and life-changing as the transition into parenthood for the 1st time. We have developed a convenient 1-day live Antenatal Class to support expectant couples with the most up-to-date and evidence-based information, giving you the knowledge, confidence and peace of mind during this time.

Price: R1,250

You do not require a video or microphone, as you are not required to be seen or to speak at the class. You can ask any questions you have in the live chat and our Instructor will be delighted to answer all your queries.

A Modern Alternative

Science has shown that your child’s health begins in pregnancy. To enhance the development of their baby, the parents-of-today are seeking education they can trust. Our class focuses on practical demonstrations, reinforced by the most up-to-date and evidence-based information. We aim to prepare people for any eventuality in birth and early parenthood, giving you the power to make well-informed decisions.

Ongoing Support

After attending our classes, you will receive access to our resource page, where you’ll discover a host of additional videos and content. You will also receive a copy of the class’s recording and notes, which you can refer back to on your phone, laptop or desktop right through pregnancy and into those first few months with your new baby. Our aim is to equip you with confidence and peace of mind on your parenting journey.

The Country’s Leading Experts

Great education all starts with one thing: great teaching. The Baby Academy draws from some of the brightest minds in patient-centred healthcare to provide unrivalled Antenatal Education. Not only are our online classes instructed by the most highly qualified and experienced midwives, but our Instructors are also engaging and inspiring. Our team of midwives pride themselves on providing the most dynamic and progressive services in South Africa. Knowing that you are learning from the best gives you the confidence to make the decisions that work best for you and your baby.

Includes Baby First Aid

Included as part of your Antenatal Class is the topic parents tell us they fear most about: Baby First Aid. Learning key emergency methods can help you feel calm and confident when dealing with an emergency. Whether it’s a minor injury or something more serious, such as Baby CPR or baby choking, you will be able to provide the swift care your baby needs to prevent things from escalating.